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Iannis Xenakis Music Software

Fans of my Whitney Music Box will certainly want to check out IanniX, a highly graphical music composition software program based a pioneering system (UPIC) developed by the late Iannis Xenakis.

Xenakis was an influential stochastic composer who had a background in architecture (he was the principal designer behind the Philips Pavillion at the 1958 Brussels World’s fair). He made rigorous use of mathematical concepts in music, creating clouds of sound using statistical techniques.

From the site:

IanniX is a graphical score editor based on the previous UPIC developed by Iannis Xenakis during the 70’s. It allows the user to draw, edit and manipulate forms and objects within a multi temporal space (ie, multiple timelines) which, when read, sends out OSC packets that you can get with any software understanding OSC, like pd, Max/MSP, SuperCollider, Csound, OpenMusic, Usine, Processing and others, to name just a few. It also works as an OSC client, so you can write and modify your IanniX score from another software or another computer.”

IanniX is available for Macs, Linux and Windows machines.

I originally found mention of Iannix on MetaFilter, via BrainFlakes.

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