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Good Stuff: Sophe Lux

I’ve always been a sucker for bands and artists that rock critics deride as “pretentious”. Thirty years ago, I aspired to be Rick Wakeman in his heyday, wearing a floor length golden cape, and surrounded by banks and banks of mellotrons, synthesizers and organs, the London Philharmonic, and a choir; making a truly majestic noise as my bank account rapidly dwindled from the expense of making it. Today, I am indeed often surrounded by keyboards, and my bank account is generally dwindling, but alas, I have no golden cape to show for it!

My current favorite ultra pretentious band that nobody’s heard of is Sophe Lux. This is a little outfit out of Portland that is powered by the uber-talented Gwynneth Haynes, who channels Kate Bush and David Bowie in equal measure. You’ll either love her or you’ll hate her, but you can’t say she’s boring!

As evidence, here’s the elaborate homemade video of her song, Target Market, which apparently was directed by Georges Méliès.

Want more? Here’s the 2006 album, Waking the Mystics:

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