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Of the many unusual words one can type into Google, my current favorite is prinsengalerij, which produces a veritable cornucopia of portraits like these:

I knew the Internet had a long tail, but I had no idea it also had a goofy pointy hat!

Who are these distinguished looking men with their elegant hats? Rosicrucians? Masons? High officials of the Illuminati? No, they are princes in the annual spring carnival festivities in the Netherlands & Belgium. Many of these galleries feature prinsen going back a fair number of years, in a few cases to the late 19th century. The image on the upper left dates from 1901.

I wish I could use CafePress to make wallpaper out of these guys…

One Response to “Prinsengalerij”

  1. Gemini6Ice Says:

    I know you were probably not serious about the wallpaper, but it inspired me to search anyway.

    it’s probably hella expensive though. FlavorLeague:CafePress::Barney’s:Kmart