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My dog loves Beck videos

Beck’s The Information is the first CD in a long while that I’ve purchased. Because of all the extras, I consider the 10 bucks I spent on the actual CD well worth it, for a change.

1) The album is excellent, and covers a wide range of styles. The sound engineering, as always, is amazing.

2) The cover is blank graph paper. Insider there are 4 pages of stickers so you can design your own cover. Sweet!

3) A DVD is included which contains funky homemade videos for each track.

Now here’s the strange part:

My dog, Andrew, loves the videos on the DVD. When they are playing, he pays far more attention to the TV screen then usual. I suspect this is one of the few pieces of video content that dogs are actually able to understand and appreciate.

2 Responses to “My dog loves Beck videos”

  1. francisca Says:


    I like the picture hehe so funny..


  2. rclevy Says:

    I was really impressed with the new album too. I didn’t even know all those sweet stickers were going to be in there, so that was a plus. Beck is one of the few musicians today that I would actually contribute my money to by buying his album.

    Is that the dog from The Worst of Jefferson Airplane?