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Coming Soon: More Puzzle Varieties

I’m making some new varieties of Sudoku puzzles which will be added to the puzzle pages soon.

Here is a preview of my new Jigoku (also known as Comparison or “Greater Than”) Sudoku puzzles:

I call these Jigoku because of their resemblence to Jigsaw puzzles. Jigoku also means hell in Japanese, and you will indeed find
these puzzles more hellishly difficult than regular Sudoku – especially if you haven’t done them before. A tip: Look for possible 1s or 9s first.

UPDATE: These puzzles were updated since I first posted them on Saturday.

2 Responses to “Coming Soon: More Puzzle Varieties”

  1. Gemini6Ice Says:

    I’ve seen this variant in Boston’s The Phoenix all summer long. I enjoy them. Either this style’s gaining popularity or you’ve been freelancing for The Phoenix?

    I’d like to see an extension of this where the numbers of 1-9 are considered a loop, maybe as modular sudoku?

  2. jbum Says:

    I like your modular idea. might work nicely with card suits, which form a natural loop (Ace > King, 2 > Ace)…