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A Year of YouTube Submissions

A year of YouTube submissions:

I used YouTube’s APIs to help make this graph. It shows thumbnails of all the videos that match the tag “joke” which were submitted
over the past year. There are about 7800 of them. I can’t show all the thumbnails because they are just too many of them. I used ‘joke’ as a kind of random sample.

The thumbnails create a kind of heat signature which shows the increase in activity in YouTube in the last few months. Vertically, the thumbnails are positioned by the hour of the day they were uploaded, and horizontally by the day of the year.

Here’s a similar graph showing videos that match the tag “wedding”:

A Year of YouTube: Weddings

The bright spot in November are a number of similar looking videos all from the same wedding:

PaViral’s Wedding

Finally, here is a graph showing the more popular tag, “cat”, which has over 33,300 videos.

A Year of YouTube: cat

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