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Free Sounds, Pictures and Software

Some useful links I’ve collected recently.

Morguefile is a collection of free high quality digital photos. I’ve used them for building mosaics with excellent results.

FreeSound is a collection of free sounds, licensed using the Creative Commons License.

ccMixter is a related site which collects songs, rather than individual sounds.

I’ve been looking for interesting free audio programs for use in my upcoming Art Center class “Digital Audio and Sound Effects,” for High School kids. My base criteria for the software used in this class is that it must be free (or in beta, or demoware) and it must work on both PCs and Macs.

Some of my favorites:

Audacity, a free audio editor.

JSyd, my own software synthesis program.

Plogue Bidule, an audio and MIDI processing app, especially useful for live performance.

Rebirth, Propellerhead’s retro-synthesis program is now free (but doesn’t work so hot on Mac OSX compatible).

Know any other good ones? Let me know. I’d like to find a free program that does decent TFFT displays (spectral changes over time). WavePad does this well, but is PC only.

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