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Tag Cloud Tips

What are Tag Clouds, you ask? Here’s a sample.

I’ve provided some tips for building Tag Clouds at O’Reilly’s ONLamp website.

This is an excerpt from my longer article, Building Tag Clouds with Perl and PHP.

One Response to “Tag Cloud Tips”

  1. stolkin Says:

    Thanks for the article and code about building tag clouds with Perl and PHP. I noticed the code says that it treats the tags as case insenstiove, e.g. uses uc(). However in the example of words from Genesis there is both “And” as well as “and”.

    Also, there is an advantage to using different colors. Often a tag can be a phrase rather a single word, and often many tags will be about the same font size — different colors help to distinguish them. (But then should not be truly random in color; should check that adjacent tags are different colors.)