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God’s Email

I’m testing out Google’s new “Gmail for your domain” service with my domain

Here’s a screen snapshot. It’s pretty cool – all the goodness I’ve come to expect from GMail, with a much cooler domain name. currently gets about 30 to 50 prayers a day, and a very large amount of spam. He has also signed up for an enormous number of mailing lists and newsletters. Busy fellow.

7 Responses to “God’s Email”

  1. rgovostes Says:

    But how many times is “The Da Vinci Code” mentioned?

  2. wuzziwug Says:

    sigh.. i’m a bit upset with gmail lately as I went over the quota last week and actually got a message from gmail saying “You must delete mail before sending this message”… and here I thought, I’d “never have to delete another e-mail!”
    on top of that, gmail fails to provide a sort-by-size function to make it easy to delete the mail’s that’s clogging it up. so i spent 2 hours deleting to get myself to 95%. :(

  3. Doug Mehus Says:

    hi Jim,

    Not sure if you remember me or not, you must see or speak to hundreds of people throughout your day. A couple years ago (or more), I helped answer questions from visitors to on what was, at the time, one of the earliest implementations of a wiki using the old TikiWiki version. Prior to that, I met you during a chat at The Farm that you participated in and other Palace encounters.

    Anyway, I’m so glad to see you’re blogging and I love the WordPress template you’ve either designed or chosen. Very bright and fun. Glad to see you’re using Google Apps for “”. For personal mail, I use it for a domain name I own, “”, and may also sign up another domain name, “”, for a Palace I own and manage called The Campus but probably will end up deciding against it. A person can only have so many e-mail accounts (less than five, I would wager). ;)

    Any chance you might you be able to create a few, cool, coveted e-mail accounts for special online acquaintances, friends, family, and people of that sort? I don’t think God would mind, as long as both He and His Son continue to have unfettered access to their own accounts. I’d certainly be interested, if it pleases His Holiness. (I’m not really a religious zealot – I’m not even religious at all. I was just having a little fun by capitalizing those names.)

    Let me know,

    P.S. Are you using god@heaven as your main e-mail account these days? If so, that’s sure brave considering the daily spam that account must receive. On the same hand though, I guess it speaks volumes to how quickly Google’s spam filter has risen from what was really next to nothing to one of the most powerful ones for a free e-mail service on the market. Triple kudos to them.

    P.P.S. I’m thrilled you’re working on Yahoo! Music for Yahoo!. Although, with someone of your expertise and online pedigree, you should be working with or leading the Yahoo! 360 team. That blogging platform needs a serious overhaul if they want to take on WordPress, Blogger, and Vox. Speaking of 360, are you aware if former VP Randy Farmer is still with that team or Yahoo! for that matter?

  4. jbum Says:

    Hey Doug! Randy is still at Yahoo, although I don’t know how involved he is with the 360 effort. The wordpress template for Krazydad is of my own design. It’s undergone quite a transformation since I started it, as you can see from the way back machine:*/

  5. jbum Says:

    I don’t actually use as my main email address. As wonderful as Google’s spam system is, it’s still not wonderful enough to handle the massive amount of spam received by God.

  6. saturn Says:

    God gets spam? maybe he should quit signing up for…

    wait, I won’t go there.

  7. saturn Says:

    how do I sign up for