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QFold Puzzles

The QFold puzzle website contains puzzles that are meant to be printed and solved with a pencil.

The puzzles are beautiful symmetrical designs that contain 20 hidden asymmetrical elements. To solve the puzzle, you identify these 20 elements of the puzzle and count the number of instances of each class of asymmetry (this is explained in a sample puzzle). This information is then used to identify a secret word or phrase.

The puzzles are free.

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  1. QFold &raquo Says:

    […] Through the KrazyDad blog, I discovered a new puzzle called QFold.  QFold is essentially a various on a type of puzzle with which we’re all familiar that involves looking at two different pictures and finding the differences.  These puzzles show up every year in the US Puzzle Competition with variations including multiple pictures and reflected pictures. […]