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Some recent mosaics

Flickr Mosaic: Belated Valentine 1.2 (2006)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This mosaic was made from about 3300 candidate Flickr images containing one of the tags love, heart, kiss, hug or venus.

Target Image: Detail from Botticelli “The Birth of Venus”

I wrote my photomosaic software in Perl, making use of ImageMagick, and the Flickr API. I describe some techniques for making photomosaics such as these, in the book Flickr Hacks, from O’Reilly.

This is the third version of this mosaic that I have posted on Flickr. The previous one was made a year ago, a little after Valentine’s day, hence the title: Belated Valentine 1.2.

Mosaic: Happy Birthday Flickr!

This mosaic was prepared for Flickr’s 2nd Birthday Bash, which started earlier this evening. The images come from the color fields and stock groups on Flickr. The mosaic, and another very similar to it, were printed as posters and t-shirts for the event by QOOP.

Sadly I couldn’t attend the event, as I was busy teaching high school students to make a Flash game in which you dress Godzilla in funny clothes (week 2 of my actionscript class at Art Center).

If you like these images, check out my other mosaics and my posters.

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