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Flickr Hacks – Now in Color!

Flickr Hacks Mosaic

I’m pleased to report that the online version of the book I cowrote with Paul Bausch, Flickr Hacks, features full color illustrations, unlike the print edition, which is in glorious black and white. Color is particularly useful in a book which provides instruction on computing the R,G,B value of a watermelon, and how to build color-related gadgets like my colr pickr!

UPDATE: Brian Sawyer, our industrious editor, has posted all the illustrations in color to his Flickr stream. Coolness!

Flickr Hacks is available in color via O’Reilly’s new Rough Cuts service, which features online versions of books before they are available in print form. The print edition is due out this month, and can be preordered from Amazon.

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