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The Polyphonic Sweaterdress


An Astounding Test of Skill

Tell a friend (it helps if the friend is in the same room…) that you are going to prove that, although you both are relatively good typists, you are the faster one handed typist.

To begin the test, tell your friend to put one hand behind her back, and one hand on the keyboard. Observe which hand is on the keyboard. If it is the left hand, tell your friend to type the word POLYPHONY as fast as possible ten times.

If it is the right hand, tell your friend to type the word SWEATERDRESS (If you like you can produce these words using some suitable “random” means). Either way, time your friend.

Then sit yourself down at the keyboard and type the same word using the OPPOSITE hand. Take your time and type accurately. Assuming both you and your friends are actually decent touch-typists, You should be able to type about twice as fast.

— from the archives of the tiny lobster, august 1999

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