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Assorted Printable Mazes

I’m working on creating more printable puzzles for the site, in addition to the sudoku puzzles.

Here’s a collection of printable mazes, suitable for solving with a pencil. Perfect for a rainy day when you’ve got a bored kid in the house or office.

The mazes come in 5 different difficulty levels, ranging from easy (for young kids) to “super tough,” which are really only
appropriate for masochists, obsessive compulsives, and robots. The mazes come in a variety of shapes & styles.

If you’re interested in how I generated the mazes, check the maze section in my Flash Bestiary. I basically took that code, ported it to Perl, and modified it to generate PDF files.

2 Responses to “Assorted Printable Mazes”

  1. Maria Fraynd Says:

    What are the puzzles called that have columns of letters below the phrase you need to decifer?

  2. jbum Says:

    Not sure – sounds a bit like a cryptogram, but those don’t have *columns* of letters, just a single letter… Let us know if you find out!