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My Lobotomy

I heard Howard Dully’s personal story about his transorbital lobotomy, 45 years ago, on the way
home today, while listening to NPR. This chilling and emotional tale, in which Dully finally confronts his father about the operation which ruined his life, makes up for 9 months of horrible music cues and pledge breaks. This is why we have NPR.

Did you miss it? Listen to it at

2 Responses to “My Lobotomy”

  1. Howard Dully Says:

    Thank You, for your kind words. We only had 22 minutes on NPR and over 100 hours of tape. However, all is not lost. “My Lobotomy” will be coming out in book form in the fall of 2007 by Crown Publishing (Random House) and I promise you it goes alot deeper than we could in 22 minutes.
    But Mr. Dave Isay and Piya Kochhar are 2 of the most talented story tellers I have ever met. They produced the NPR story.

    Keep Listening

  2. kingsqueen Says:

    I read Mr. Dully’s book, “My Lobotomy” last week. It is on my shelf of books that I will remember by heart for the rest of my life.
    So moving is this story, so much emotion. This poor 12 year old boy just trying to grow up, suffering a horrible and abusive step mother. I cried and truely felt for him every step of the way. From this dark practice, from these harsh ashes, comes the light of hope and search for peace. Mr. Dully brings you that peace through his struggle, and triumphs over the emotional devestation that plagued his life.
    My heart goes out to you, and truely feel enlightened by this revolutionary piece. For those who suffered as you did, and those who cannot, or could never have asked anyone, you honor their suffering and memories now, simply by asking and searching for the answer. “Why?”

    You are truely blessed.