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10 Years of The Palace

“Dear Mr. Bumgardner,” writes Scarlett, “Congratulations on writing software that goes the distance! We on Palace are celebrating 10 years of operation and it’s a pretty happy time among all the Palaces. I don’t think many software developers get to have their software in operation this long with a product going through multiple operating system upgrades and still remaining decently stable.”

Scarlett goes on to invite me to celebrate on November 15th at her Palace, Hope, which is hosted by elitepalaces.

Sounds like fun. I’ve accepted Scarlett’s invitation, and plan to show up there, and also do a little palace-hopping, visiting some old and new haunts, including mansion, the first palace site.

I’m hoping to meet up with some of the original wizards from mansion. If you’re among that elite group, please contact me for details.

Some palace-related links:

phalanx (PC client)

palace-chat client (Mac/PC)

2 Responses to “10 Years of The Palace”

  1. courtneyP Says:

    Ooh! I’ll try to drop in. I can’t remember, was I a mansion wizard? Shoots.

  2. jbum Says:

    Please do, Courtney. :)