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Collaborative posters

Collaborative Poster 2: Phyllotaxis

This is one of a set of four collaborative posters I am printing this month.

I made this particular image by writing a collection of Perl scripts which arrange photos from the squared circle group on flickr in a fibonacci spiral (a natural way of tiling circles, seen in sunflowers, pinecones and many other places in nature), according to color.

The posters are being sold at cost (cheap!) and can be ordered here:

UPDATE: Posters are now shipping!

2 Responses to “Collaborative posters”

  1. rgovostes Says:

    Phenomenal. I’ll be ordering a few soon enough!

  2. eyespot Says:

    Hello, Mr. Krazydad,
    we love your homepage very much and have been forwarded from
    We could offer you – besides posters – our truckbags with your (digital) printings on them. Please have a look at truckbag art, where we have been working with some artists from germany yet.
    Greetings from Germany